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Thank you for Applying!

The Guardian Team is busy developing professional training modules to give our staff the competency and confidence to fulfill our business goals as well as expertly deliver on our clients' needs.  We aim to up-level competition in the security services sector, and want you to be effective ambassadors and educators of community guardianship.


As we structure our business and move into obtaining our own Private Patrol Operator (PPO) license, we will be able to certify Security Guard training directly through these modules.  This will eliminate the need to use some, if not all, outside institutions to become licensed and certified with The Guardian Team.

In the meantime, please obtain the following licenses and certificates as soon as possible.  We suggest the following online sources that we have been completing in the interim.  You are welcome to search and attend local, in-person training, which you may prefer and may carry additional experiential reward.  However, our in-house training modules will also cover similar material, meant to give a fuller depth as well as tailor it to our personal brand and protocol.

Requirements are Guard Card Training ($89 full package)

Submitting to a LiveScan (around $75 - varies per station)

Applying with BSIS (BREEZE site) for Guard License ($51)

Allow 4-6 weeks for BSIS approval process

Requirements are select desired Certificates

CPR + First Aid = $35.95

Instant approval upon passing test - print card

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