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We are a team of diverse individuals that span an inclusive range of generations, cultures, educations, perspectives and experiences.  We are sustained in our passion for Community Guardianship by embodying a non-judgmental, awareness building approach to safety and security.  We are simply facilitators of a fair, inclusive, and enjoyable experience.
We recognize that every community has its challenges, and by providing safe, accessible and professional care, we perpetuate an ethos of togetherness, responsibility, and compassion.  We ARE the change we want to see in the world and we are honored to support in this capacity.


The Guardian Team provides an approachable and non-intimidating presence and resource in support of your business operation. Staff, vendors, volunteers, and customers alike benefit from our engagement. We specialize in utilizing de-escalation techniques while operating with a solutions based approach. Our team is able to provide multiple functions which support the security and safety of the community.  We believe our ultimate job is not to enforce, but rather to advise and problem solve.
Due to this foundation, the community are more likely to alert us to situations that involve substances or peer on peer incidences. We create a buffer between Law Enforcement and the community and aid medical in resolving escalated or psychological conflicts. Our services also support internal operations, ensuring everyone has the resources and support available to succeed in their roles.  Many of our staff have experience in event production and are highly proficient in managing or carrying out business operations.

We encourage education and growth and demonstrate these traits in our openness to listen, learn, and integrate the needs of our clients and the communities we serve.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with individuals and collectives who share our core values and commitment to social responsibility.

  • Dignity & Mutual Respect

    • ​We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect.  This begins with the way we work as a team and echoes outward to the communities we serve.​​

  • Self-Expression 

    • We value and create safe space for individuals to express the way they feel, perceive, or may be experiencing something.  ​

  • Consent & Boundaries​

    • When it comes to consent there are no blurred lines.  Consent must be given freely, enthusiastic, and fully informed.  It is appropriate to ask consent prior to any action which could effect someone else.

    • As a Safety & Security focused company we set and maintain the rules and boundaries set by our clients.

  • Community Care as a Priority

    • While enforcing rules and boundaries for our clients, our values drive our implementation​.  We act with care and professionalism at all times. 

  • Clear & Honest Communication

    • We conduct our business and interactions as honest and clearly as possible.

  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

    • The way we treat our planet and each other are important to us.​

  • Mindfulness & Personal Accountability

    • We understand that differing points of view can co-exist and we do our best to hold space for the most positive outcome.​

    • We hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make and we debrief to reflect on how things can be done better.

  • Confidentiality within Contextual Transparency

    • Within the context of safety, security, and medical incidents there are levels of confidentiality.  We are transparent with the what, why, and when, even when the who must be shielded.​

  • Empowerment & Growth through Restorative Justice

    • We believe all people have the same rights and opportunities.​

    • We provide pathways for individuals to rise above the situations they may have created, in order to learn from the experience and become positive contributors to the community.

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