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"The Guardian Team personnel on scene [at Lucidity Festival] were staffed appropriately to ensure a safe event.  [Sanctuary] and medical stations were in place, which eliminated any medical transports to emergency rooms.  During the weekend event, there were no ambulance transports, no serious crimes reported and only one arrest made which was outside the campground and made by CHP…   Guardian personnel are  trained in crisis response and non-violence communication."

- Eddie Hsueh;  Lieutenant San Ynez Sheriff Department

"It was a pleasure to work with Guardians at Northern Nights 2019! As a festival producer, safety is our #1 priority. Working with Guardians added another level of professionalism and safety to our attendees and staff..."

- Andrew Borgelt; Cofounder of BLAP & Northern Nights Production

“We worked alongside the Guardian Team... at the Northern Nights Music Festival. I must say in my 25+ years of coordinating/working many festivals throughout Northern California, which Guardian was by far the best so far! They have a very well organized approach and feeling for working with the patron that was refreshing. They deal with a variety of situations that always surface at these events and handled everyone different and with a level headed approach. Working with them was a pleasure and they were always open to learning what they could from the promoters down to better serve. I would highly recommend them for any event as they can tailor the many different needs that each event may need.”

- Todd Pisarek; Owner of Sierra Nevada Event Services

“In all of my communication and interactions with The Guardian Team, I encountered professionalism, generosity, presence and a grounded sense of how to make our event work within the confines of limited resources.  They went above and beyond what was expected of them in their contract and ensured I was able to perform my duties well with exceptional communication and support based on their years of festival production experience.  At one point during the evening, two young children went missing and they were able to coordinate a grounded reunion with their legal guardians.   I don’t believe this would have gone as well without their decisive action and support.  And in general, I would not have been able to function as well as I did in the same vein.  I cannot say enough good things about collaborating with them and I look forward to continuing working with this team in some capacity moving forward.”

- Sarah Ann Handler; Director of Operations, Disclosurefest Foundation

“Working with "The Guardian Team" is a night & day different experience when compared to other 'Security' specific providers we've worked with in the past. Guardians are simply a better fit for our community. They are professional, using diplomacy by treating people with respect and genuine care. They generally go above and beyond, with efficacy to ensure the safety and security of everyone, not just for the company that is hiring them. Besides their ethics and discernment, harm reduction and crisis intervention skills are interwoven into the various situations they may encounter which are often lacking with traditional masculine aggressive security. This makes a huge difference in the experience of both staff and the public. Noticeably, it also builds more trust with outside services such as law enforcement and county officials. I've been around and have worked with them for many years and have been so impressed that I moonlight as a Guardian at other events, and their team is made up of people (like me), with diverse cultural backgrounds and skill sets.”

- Ron Glover; Lucidity Festival Co-owner & Co-Director (County Liaison & Permits Manager)

“Working with the Guardians team was the best decision we made as an events & production company. In the last decade of working with other services for security and general staffing, no one comes close to the professionalism that Guardians showed not only to us but all of our guests. They work with kindness but also respect the rules per event and are able to gently enforce those rules while maintaining a friendly approach. They truly care that each guest has an incredible experience while ensuring safety of those individuals and the properties the events are held on, which is invaluable to any venue or event producer. We are so grateful to have found the Guardians and can't imagine working with anyone else for our event series.”

 - Ashmore Ellis; cofounder Babes Ride Out LLC

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