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The Guardian Team prioritizes the human element and soft skills so often absent with traditional security services.  You can be confident that we center on your community's needs and experience so each member feels supported and honored, assured that peace and safety are maintained. 


We leverage our broad experience and training in first response, solutions-oriented communication, conflict resolution and de-escalation, and harm and risk mitigation to provide the best response for overall health and safety of the communities we serve.



The Guardian Team develops and manages onsite safety and security plans tailored to meet your unique needs.  Our security personnel are subcontracted through the High Rock Security PPO license (#17462).  We also staff experienced guard-carded personnel who are trained as production event staff and harm reductionists when 'security services' are not required.
We are experienced in providing static guard positions for security of equipment and environments, access control, perimeter patrol and zone monitoring, stage and barricade security, executive (headliner) protection, and providing reliable RESPONSE teams for escalated incidents and eviction.  We have excellent working relationships with public health and service agencies; including Law Enforcement, Medical, and Fire.



Providing a safe and welcoming space for staff and attendees to regain a healthy equilibrium with emotional and behavioral support is an important aspect to consider for our communities.  Our staff are trained to assist people to navigate these challenges, often without having to involve outside emergency services.

We encourage the use of SANCTUARY services to  support your staff and attendees who may experience emotional and psychological difficulties associated with stress, environmental extremes, poor self care, forgetting to take prescribed medications, or through the use of altering substances.  We adapt well with other Sanctuary providers in that our strengths remain in field.



Our team is experienced in performing inspections of vehicles and persons, facilitating money exchange and escorts, and supporting a secure and safe environment for your staff and attendees. We tailor our search protocol to maximize the efficiency and thoroughness based on the needs of your event.  Rest assured - the protection of your entire community is our priority.

We are experienced in providing additional points-of-sale opportunities, allowing for easy conversion of evictions into cash paying participants.  We have realized thousands of dollars in re-comped sales to productions companies that would have otherwise been lost.  We work with you directly to create strategies that work!



The Guardian Team offers a robust range of mobile patrol services tailored to your business needs and budget.  We provide high-visibility security patrols for residential communities, retail locations, parking lots, as well as construction, commercial, and other private properties any time of day or night.

Customize patrols to maintain your needs:

  • Access Control: Locking and unlocking services

  • Promote a safe workplace environment

  • Identify and report unauthorized vehicles

  • Deterrent to vandalism, theft, loitering and trespassing

  • Improve response to emergency situations

  • Alert to unsafe conditions, such as leaks and outages



The Guardian Team excels in providing all-in-one Command Dispatch for site services at your event. Knowing who to send when allows us to exercise appropriate response in routing calls so that resources are managed efficiently. 


Providing Command Dispatch allows us to lower the number of mis-routed calls, maximize the use of specialized personnel, and focus all response on de-escalation, risk management and problem solving through the Guardianship model.  We have noticed a marked increase in positive community response to this method which reduces the feel of 'policing' your event while maintaining a visible presence and response that meets individual needs.

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