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Launch of our web presence

As we revolutionize event security and seek to establish ourselves in this market, we strive to focus on first response, de-escalation, harm reduction, and other important services that place YOUR event's community needs and experience at the center of our operation. We believe that 80% of standard 'security' calls can be rerouted to staff more appropriate to respond and problem-solve. By offering central dispatch and command, we are able to appropriately and efficiently manage resources which allows us to decrease your bottom line while increasing the quality of care. As we grow beyond the internal networks we have provided for, we move forward with tried and true experience in the field that gives us the level of confidence and cohesion necessary to delivery the best services in the industry.

The Guardian Team is an affiliate division of ABA Protection out of Los Angeles, California, and we operate within our own structure and protocol. Our team includes members of and has worked with other well-known organizations like Rangers and the Zendo Project. Many of our employees additionally work with security companies like High Rock, Green Shield, Silver Spear, Miller Event Management, Staff Pro, and we have experience working well with these providers. Members of our team as certified first responders which include paramedics, EMTs, nurses, doctors, firefighters, search and rescue professionals, and those with military experience and history. We also have experience working in tandem with Rock Med, RGX, and other event medical providers. We can provide full-service coverage of emergency services and are able to integrate and work well with additional providers.

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